Truckstop fun..

Trying out the new Lumix GX7 with the 7-14mm lens in a Ohio rest area. Made this image in the monochrome mode with the impressive art filter. Great fun for a finished in camera Jpeg..
So far I’m very impressed with the ease of use and the excellent quality of this camera.. #lumixlounge @lumixusa


Matt K rockin his Fat Boy!


Lumix GX-7

Road Trip! Starts Aug. 10th. Photos from the road will be coming soon..

Preparing for the 4th of July with a new flag.

Old Glory needed to be replaced. She served us well through 2 USMC Combat deployments in Afghanistan. My son is safe and in school back here in the USA. I photograph the Flag in many ways because it always looks different as the days light changes. This image was made on my Lumix GH3 in the square format and the Toy effect mode. Right out of the camera it has a finished dramatic look. Just one of the many features I’m finding in the Lumix G-Series line up. Enjoy your Freedom and the Holiday, Be Safe! @lumixusa @lumix #GH3

Testing the GH3 on super moon eve.

Lets see what tomorrow brings…

Newark, NJ

Testing the Toy Effect Mode on the Lumix GH3..
Very cool. I also have been using the square format option.
Old School love it!

The Streets of Newark, NJ

Lumix GH3 Toy Effect Mode jpeg unretouched
As I was on my way home after a leading a flower workshop. I thought I would drive home the back way and eliminate the NJ Shore traffic. With my trusty GH3 on the seat of my truck, I grabbed these two photos just to see the effect. I was quite pleased with the look. I was shooting in square format and just thinking about composition. This is one of the many features in the G-Series line up. Can’t wait to try the rest..