For the last 40+ years I’ve been a photographer using every format, 8×10 to 35mm both film and digital. The question now is will I switch from 4/3rds to full frame since Panasonic/Lumix just announced two FF Cameras. The answer is no! I used 8×10 when I needed higher resolution but for most of my work I used 4×5. Interesting it’s the same crop factor. So for all my documentary and people photography, I will continue to use the smaller and lighter 4/3rds gear. However, when I need the Full Frame resolution for commercial work I will use it. It’s the right tool for the task at hand. One 4/3rds bag with 11 lenses 2 bodies and all the accessories is perfect for my Photographing America Project. Another bag with Full Frame gear for when I need it. Most importantly I truly enjoy making photographs! That’s my game plan. Enjoy the Art of Photography and use the tools necessary to reach your goals.. Thank you for reading!! Best, Rick G..