In all my travels around the U.S. and Canada in my Xterra, I decided to concentrate on finding as many different subjects as I could in my home state of New Jersey. This particular location is Cowtown Rodeo in southern NJ. Cowtown is a family owned multi generation operation. When visiting Cowtown it doesn’t feel like you’re in NJ. Texas or Oklahoma maybe!! The point is, you don’t have to go as far as you may think to experience lots of different subjects to see and photograph. So don’t be shy, get out there and make it happen. 

Thanks for looking and listening!!!

Full day photo Road Trips sponsored by Panasonic/Lumix

Join us!

I’ve been using LUMIX cameras since the introduction of the brand. I watched them grow to be some of the best cameras I’ve worked with. LUMIX is making great lenses partnering with Leica. The GX8 and new GX85 are getting a lot of attention for some very inovative features, such as 4K photo, 4K video and Post focus. If you get a chance check them out at your local LUMIX dealer. I think you’ll be impressed. I use mine exclusively for all my personal and professional work.. Now go out and make some outstanding photographs!!

Since I received my GX8, I’ve been using it exclusively. I enjoy the small size and durability along with the weather sealing. People, product and everyday shooting. Studio photography with strobes and pocket wizards it performs great. Image quality is outstanding. Seamlessly going from stills to video is a snap. It’s so easy to quickly go to video and have my subjects speak their information to the camera, saves on paperwork.. Overall this system has made me much more productive. Soon I’ll be taking the GX8 on a 4 day motorcycle tour of upstate New York.. The system fits right in a saddle bag with room to spare.. Stay tuned for photos..

I’m about to go North. My Mom was born in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. I’m planning a road trip ASAP to photograph and research my family tree. I was in P. E. I. when I was too young to appreciate it. Now it’s a must do project..This one is for you Mom!