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Chelsea Capwell

The Lumix GH3 Shows it can reproduce colors with no post.. WiFi to iPhone to social media..
This is a Jpeg out of camera 0 post..


Never judge by looks!

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Video made directly from the SD cards from the Lumix GH3 and GX7 cameras


The Power of the Photograph..First rule is respect..

Tattoo Tony Rodriguez

The man behind Under My Skin For Life..U.M.S.F.L
Helping people who need it..A true prince on an Iron Horse!

Black Jack

Biker/Tattoo Artist/Friend



Iron Fist..

The Biker Brotherhood..


I was fortunate to Ride with Rolling Thunder NJ this past weekend. To ride with 4000+ Motorcycles to Honor Veterans was a very moving experience. Winding through small towns with people lining the streets waving and holding flags was incredible. All of the first responders were out to greet us as well. POW-MIA Never Forget! Thank you to all the Veterans past and present..USA